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Armed security guard Los Angeles

One of the most common instances when an Armed Security Guards in Los Angeles is needed is to protect items or property of extremely high value. Items of such high worth are incredibly susceptible to theft and break-in. Things like as currency, jewelry, and other valuables are popular targets for criminals. Protecting these items with visible armed security guards is an incredible deterrent to theft as most criminals will not engage an armed security guard in any type of confrontation.

At ABA Protection we employ the best and most experienced armed security guards in the business. The armed security guards that we hire to carry out high end and advanced security are well trained, well experienced and are among the most high level security guards in the field today. Supplying armed security  guards is a responsibility that ABA Protection takes very seriously; all of the armed guards we hire adhere to all government regulations and requirements.

  • Protection of Properties
  • Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities
  • Financial Institutions (Banks)
  • Diplomats and Dignitaries
  • Retail Stores (Jewelry, Cinemas, Clothing, Food Services)
  • Corporate Protection (CEO's, Senior Management)
  • Workplace Violence Protection
  • Limousine Service
  • Special Events
  • Auctions and Estates
  • Office Buildings
  • Gated Community
  • Patrol Service
  • Alarm Response

Our ABA Protection unarmed security officers are the right answer for your business if you are looking for a deterrent to guard against crime with a softer approach.

ABA Protection security officer's uniforms are a distinctive uniform which gives them a very professional image. Our unarmed officers carry no weapons, except for a handcuffs and a flash light. Our security officers are professional but very friendly and outgoing and are always eager to help you or your customers whenever possible.

Here are some of the venues in which our unarmed security guards serve:

  • Parking Lot Security
  • Shopping Malls  
  • Universities  
  • Schools  
  • Retail/Grocery Stores
  • Museums 
  • Construction Sites